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Creative Therapy Solutions (CTS) offers speech and language services to children and adults.  This practice was established by Ellen Foster Mattingly, M.S., CCC-SLP, a Florida state licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist with 24 years of experience.

Services include evaluations, diagnostics and treatment of speech,language and swallowing disorders as well as screening and treatment of auditory processing disorders.

If you think that you or a family member may be experiencing a communication or swallowing disorder, you are strongly encouraged to seek a professional consultation with a Speech-Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech & Hearing Association (ASHA). 

To increase our accessibility, we offer a complimentary consultation. At that time, we determine which services best address your needs and provides an opportunity for you to fully discuss and consider your concerns and options.

Collaboration is a highly valued component of our service.  We fully encourage Family Members, Friends, Teachers, Pediatricians, Family Practitioners, Otolaryngologists (ENT), Neurologists, Dentists, Orthodontists, Physiatrists, Pulmonologists, Physical Therapists, Audiologists, Occupational Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Psychologists, Developmental specialist, other Speech-Language Pathologists, Hospitals, Nursing Homes to communicate with us. 


CTS serves individuals with disorders of:


    Speech Production

    • Specific sounds are pronounced incorrectly or inappropriately. 
    • The rate, inflection or melody of speech may be affected.


    • Repetitions or stops interrupt speech. 
    • Facial contortions may occur.


    • Listening or understanding is difficult. 
    • Using correct words, grammar or sentence structure is a problem.
    • Use of alternative augmentative communication - pictures or a device (iPad)


    • Learning to swallow or transition to the adult pattern may be delayed.
    • Tongue-thrust patterns cause speech and dental problems. 
    • Poor nutrition, dehydration, choking and pneumonia can result.
    • The quality of sound is poor. 
    • Voice is difficult (or impossible) to produce.

CTS provides:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Therapy
  • Recommendations
  • Consultations
  • Presentations

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